Google Certified Educator Level 2

Google Checklist

Session 1: Empowering learners and teachers
Reflection 1: How much do our learners go through before they come to school? Supporting their families, health, rubbish, shelter, Number 3 (learners come to school with the academic age of a three year old) How can my tool boost vocabulary building? Building access to books? Linking to genres - can they sort the books they read into the padlet? How are we teaching parents to empower their children/children to empower them?

Reflection 2: Having a 5+ backwards & forwards conversations 
Having learners/parents to grow their feedback/feedforward

Translate tool
Define Tool
Emailing Contributors
Creating a syllabus for the lesson - How can I create this for timestables, spellings, readings, writing, basic facts 
Sheets - radar, pivot, sparklines, motion 
Forms Story 
Reflection 3: How digital empowers not just a tool Online banking, youtube to solve problems, connections with others, doctors online. Guest is used to empower the whanau. - Use focused browsing. How am I building digital fluency for my learners to understand that how they can create/use it to consume and do not just consume? When you know you are getting out of bed to help someone it feels like more than just a job.